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Oslo is located at about 59.92 degrees North (latitude) and 10.74 degrees East (longitude).

Stave church, Oslo, Norway Oslo, the capital of Norway and the country's largest city, is one of the most rural cities in the world.  While about a quarter of Oslo has the roads, buildings, and museums that are typical of most other cities, the remainder of the city comprises forests, lakes, and areas that hold Norway's renowned ski jumps.

Oslo is known for its liveliness, and it therefore attracts young citizens from nearby rural areas.  Because the average age of Oslo citizens is relatively young, the city has quite a share of bars, restaurants, and clubs, and has developed a reputation as a party city.

Oslo city hall City Hall, which is flanked by two enormous towers, is considered a symbol of Oslo.  It is within this building that the annual Nobel Prize ceremony takes place.  Visitors to City Hall can also view some of the amazing murals on display there.  Other nearby attractions include the Royal Palace, the History Museum, the National Gallery, the National Theater, and the railway station.  The stretch from the Royal Palace to the railway station is popular with residents and visitors alike, as it includes some of Oslo's best scenery and shopping.

The historical center of Oslo, Kvadraturen, is home to beautifully preserved buildings that date as far back as the fourteenth century.  Kvadraturen is also considered by many the cultural center of Oslo, as one can find many of the city's museums, theaters, sculpture parks, concert halls and galleries located here.

Midtstubakken ski jump, Oslo, Norway Visitors to Oslo can't leave without visiting the Munch Museum, the museum that houses the works of famous artist Edvard Munch.  In addition to his most famous painting, The Scream, there are a wide variety of his works on display throughout the museum.

From just about any vantage point in the city, the ski jumps that Oslo is famous for can be seen on the mountain slopes of the Hausberg.  Those who visit these ski jumps, particularly Holmenkollen and Midtstubakken, are also afforded some of the most marvelous views of the city below.

Tourists who are interested in Norway's Viking heritage will appreciate Oslo's Viking Ship Museum, which displays three well-preserved ships from the Viking era.

For more information about Oslo, please visit the official Oslo Travel and Visitor's Guide.

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